Our 24/7 helpdesk is always on call to answer your queries or respond to breakdowns and problems with your AC system. Our response is quick and our transparency and quality of service is renowned.

Our English speaking helpdesk, when taking your call, will begin the process to getting you back to normal. Once we have gathered background information about the problem you are facing and your location we can work on dispatching one of our teams to visit you at the earliest possible time.

Our skilled and professional technicians will arrive on time (and we mean on time) at the appointed schedule given to you and immediately begin to identify what the problem is. Our knowledge and experience of working with all types of AC brands and systems allows us to quickly identify technical problems.

We work with a systemised highly efficient process of elimination to quickly isolate where the problem is and can then advise whether it can be rectified immediately or if it is required to obtain additional parts. Transparency is the key to our communication. 

HOMEsafe has earned an enviable reputation for delivering transparent and professional response services across the city. As our corporate tagline says - "Your Property, Our Profession".

We also offer comprehensive one-off servicing and preventative Maintenance Packages to keep your Air Conditioning running efficiently all year round. Scheduled at a time that suits you, our servicing includes an extensive 20 point checklist which ensures that future breakdown and problems are kept to an absolute minimum.


Whether it's an adhoc service or part of a regular schedule as part of one of our all-encompassing maintenance packages, we are here to ensure that your home runs as smoothly as you expect it to.

  • English speaking helpdesk

  • Skilled and professional technicians

  • Efficient and effective maintenance and problem-solving

  • Air Balancing Solutions

  • Scheduled servicing

  • Comprehensive maintenance packages

Air Conditioning is an essential part of everyday living here in Dubai. Whether in an apartment or villa, if your AC is not working, particularly during the Summer months, it really can be incredibly desruptive to our normal everday life.