A tidy office, means happy workers. Often you're too busy to find time to clean, so HOMEsafe is here to help you keep on top of the dusting, tidying and general cleaning of your office.

Dusting, hoovering, kitchen cleaning and general tidying are all small parts of an office that are often overlooked and forgotten. Our maids are here to help you keep on top of your office cleaning. Our maids are all trained to have a high attention to detail, work quietly and efficiently and distrupt your work flow as little as possible.


Our English speaking helpdesk will assist you in sorting out a schedule that works best for you and your office, whether you're a busy office requiring regular weekly cleaning or a small business needing a weekly touch up.

  • English speaking helpdesk

  • Trained and professional maids

  • Efficient and non-disruptive

  • Attention to detail

  • Flexible schedules