• English speaking helpdesk

  • Skilled and professional technicians

  • Efficient and effective maintenance and problem-solving

  • Scheduled servicing

  • Comprehensive maintenance packages

Servicing and annual inspections of your electrical circuits and systems is also included in our Annual Maintenance Packages. These packages are tailor made to your home and help to prevent and avoid electrical breakdowns.

While many of the homes in the UAE are brand new, electrical faults and break downs still occur. When you discover that something is wrong, and you know you need a professional, HOMEsafe is ready to step in. 


Our English speaking helpdesk are able to understand your problem and relay it to our technicians who will arrive at your home on time and begin their problem solving tasks in order to identify the specifics of your issue. Once this has been done they can efficiently and effectively fix the problem and restore power to your apartment or villa.

Our entire lives depend on electricity and that's why we pride ourselves in being one of the best at keeping you wired correctly. Whether it's a minor fault or a total power cut we're here to help.