Frequently Asked Questions


Maintenance Package FAQs


Q. What are the benefits of having an annual home maintenance service contract? 
A. An annual home maintenance contract is highly recommended if you're a homeowner. Your home is often your biggest investment, but looking after it can hit the pocket hard, especially when sudden repairs are needed. If you find yourself without water, air conditioning or electricity in the middle of the night or on a public holiday, it can be a nearly impossible task to find reliable and affordable service technicians. HomeSafe's annual maintenance contract is designed to take care of this need with fast response from qualified technicians and no extra payments within your contractual cover limits.


Q. Does my landlord provide this maintenance? 
A. This is at the discretion of the individual landlord. We suggest taking the matter up with your landlord and informing him about the benefits of an annual maintenance contract as it will be in his best interest having a professional company looking after his investment. The HomeSafe team can offer support to the tenant in his/her approach to the landlord.


Q. What kind of packages do you offer?
A. Our packages are designed and structured to cover most home maintenance issues. Each package covers preventive, corrective and emergency maintenance depending on property type and customer preference.


Q. What if I require some kind of service that is not part of my annual maintenance contract?
A. Through our PropertyPlus division we can provide a broad range of home improvement and handyman services that are outside the annual maintenance contract. The HomeSafe team can be contacted to answer any query you might have and will respond with a detailed reply or a quotation for the work requested.


​Painting and Decorating FAQs


Q. When can you do it? 
A. Our operations team can schedule any painting work within 24 hours of a client request.

Q. How quickly can you complete a painting job? 
 Our teams are working on a rota basis 7 days a week, which means we are able to commence and complete villa/apartment internal painting project within 24 hours.

Q. Do you work on Fridays? 
Yes. As a 24/7/365 property maintenance company all our divisions are working to provide services on a 7 day week basis.

Q. What quality of paint do you use? 
 We use only branded products, i.e. Jotun and Beger etc. We can accomodate any client requests for alternative brands if required.

Q. Can you help me with colour selection? 
 Yes. We have considerable experience in advising clients regarding shades and colours in both villas and apartments.

Maids FAQs


Q. Will I have the same maid for every visit? 
A. Yes you will always have the same maid for every visit. 90% of our clients are regular service clients, so providing the same maid on every visit is a premium requirement from our clients and a very efficient way of operating our business. There will always be the odd occasion when your maid may be sick or is required to attend an official obligation such as visa or Emirates ID formalities etc. You will always be informed prior and may elect to have an alternative maid for that particular days cleaning or you may cancel the service for that day.


Q. Can I change my maid if I don't like her? 
A. Yes of course you can. We understand that sometimes the chemistry between the maid and client simply doesn't work and in that case we are happy to provide an alternative maid that you are comfortable with.


Q. Can I change my maid if I am not happy with the quality of her cleaning?
A. Yes of course you can, but firstly we need to understand exactly what the problem is. We understand that sometimes a maid may not be delivering the quality for which she has been trained. However, sometimes it is simply a matter of communication, in that she has not understood clearly the programme of work that you require. In any event, any complaint is taken very seriously by us and one of our Director partners will contact you and arrange to visit you to discuss the details of the complaint. If you do have any issues then please call us. We are both professional and easy to deal with so we encourage dialogue and communication from all our clients.


Q. Can my maid work extra hours on some visits?
A. This may or may not be possible. Please do understand that for exactly the same as for you, your maid has committed times and schedules for other clients throughout the day and it is not always possible to extend her hours. We also operate a very tight schedule with our Transport Operations Department to ensure all clients are serviced at the agreed scheduled times. Please try to provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice for any requests of this nature in order that we can try to accommodate you.

Q. Can my maid work on Fridays or Public Holidays?
This is not always possible as we respect both the Labour Laws which are in place to protect the rights and conditions of employees and the fact that all our employees who work very hard and are very dedicated to their jobs are entitled to a minimum of 1 days holiday per week. Their working week is Saturday to Thursday from 0800 to 1800. Please do call us, giving at least 1 weeks notice, if you wish to request this service.

Q. Can I change my schedule for 1 or 2 visits?
Yes. You can change your schedule at any time but it will be unlikely that we can provide you with your usual dedicated maid as she will already be fully booked with other clients like yourself on a regular schedule but please do ask and let us see if we can provide that for you.

Q. Can I cancel a cleaning schedule?
Yes. Of course you can cancel a scheduled clean at any time, but please be aware of our cancellation policy. If you provide us with a minimum 48 hours notice there is no charge but if you cancel, for whatever reason, within 48 hours of your scheduled clean there will be a cancellation fee. The reason for this is that at such short notice we will be unable to relocate your maid to other duties.

Q. Can I tip my maid?
Tipping is entirely discretionary on your part and may be directly to your maid without our involvement.

Q. Can my maid clean my windows?
Your maid is authorised to clean windows internally only, providing it is safe to do so and you  have provided an appropriate low-level step ladder for easy access. Your maid is strictly not permitted to carry out any external window cleaning.

Q. Can my maid carry out babysitting? 
 Your maid is not authorised or insured to carry out any babysitting duties and should not be requested to do so. Please contact our Head Office for any request for this service and we can discuss suitable arrangements with you.

Q. Can I employ the maid I have on a full time basis?
A. No. Your dedicated part-time maid is on a fixed term contract under our visa and is employed specifically under her UAE Labour Contract which does not permit her to be employed as a full-time live-in maid. However, we are happy to discuss with you the provision of providing a full-time maid.

Q. What nationality are your maids?
All our maids are Filipino and are recruited locally in Dubai.

Q. Do you provide male cleaners?
Yes. We have a limited number of male cleaners.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of hours?
Yes. Our minimum delivery period is 4 hours. However, with exceptions, we can deliver less.

Q. How many times a week can I have the maid?
Some clients use our service once per week but we also have clients that, as an alternative to a full-time maid, have us 5 or 6 times a week. It is at your discretion as to how many times per week, on a regular basis, you wish to use our services.

Q. Are you an ethical employer?
 Absolutely yes. Our maids are one of our biggest assets. As such, we take great care and pride to ensure their working conditions are the best in the industry. Our maids work a scheduled maximum 8 hours a day only and we provide all our girls with 30 days annual leave and return ticket to their home country every year (not every 2 years, as is industry standard practice).




Q. Do you employ your own people? 
A. Yes, but for specialist services i.e. rope access window cleaning, fire sprinkler systems, certain smart home technology etc, which often require Dubai Municipality licensing/approval, we are obliged to outsource.


Q. Do you have insurance? 
A. Yes, Personal and Property Indemnity (PPI) Insurance


Q. What makes you different from other companies in the maintenance business?
A. We are not re-inventing the wheel, but we are the only company that caters solely to the private home owner. We are not competing with FM companies for servicing common areas of developments. Our focus is on you, the individual home owner or tenant.


Q. Will your staff be clean and tidy? 
A. Of course. Because we understand people, we train our staff in terms of appearance, personal hygiene and also to have respect for your property.


Q. Are you regulated? 
A. There is currently no regulatory legislation in the UAE embracing commercial companies providing domestic maintenance. However, HomeSafe's CEO has been a key driver and lobbyist to bring regulated standards to the region and a founding executive board member of MEFMA (Middle East Facilities Management Association), a government approved body which will regulate the FM and maintenance industry in the region.

HOMEsafe provides tenants, landlords and homeowners across Dubai with professional maintenance services, quality cleaning and comprehensive maintenance packages.