As a British owned and managed company, at HOMEsafe we are passionate about delivering an honest, reliable and premium quality Maids and Cleaning service, which is reflected in our attention to detail, customer care and regular client referrals.


We do understand that sometimes having a little regular help around the house 1, 2 or 3 times a week can make a difference in you keeping on top of a busy schedule.


At HOMEsafe we really do make your maids experience a 'Peace of Mind' experience! We focus on the things which we know make a difference.

We always turn up on time...always!

You are guaranteed the same maid for every visit

All our maids are recruited locally here in Dubai via recommendations

Our maids all speak fluent English

Our maids are professionally trained

Whether it's a one-off clean or a regular weekly schedule, let our professionally trained and friendly maids take care of your cleaning, ironing and those household chores.

Take a look at our FAQs to find out more details about how we deliver our maids service.

Why not call our fluent English speaking maids Helpdesk for an informal chat about our very flexible schedules and how we may help you or visit our FAQ section for lots more information.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly schedules to suit your lifestyle

  • Pre move-in cleans for apartments & villas

  • After build handover cleans

  • One-off events (after party cleaning)

  • Full and part time maids

  • Short term rental let housekeeping

  • Bespoke housekeeping packages


Welcome to our HOMEsafe Maids and Cleaning Division where customer care and professionalism sits at the very core focus of our team. We fully understand that sometimes there never seems enough time to keep your home the way you would really like to.