Moving Out?

If you are renting your apartment/villa, when vacating the property you will be expected to hand it over to the landlord in the same condition as when you moved in - clean, fresh and spotless! This often involves painting and repairing holes when you have removed pictures, curtain rails, shelving and minor scuff marks or plasterwork damage. Our HOMEsafe painting teams are professionally trained and highly experienced and will ensure that your property is left in a top quality condition.


When you move out your landlord will also possibly expect you to have your apartment/villa thoroughly cleaned. Our HOMEsafe maids/cleaning division are also experts at delivering quick and professional services specifically designed for move out cleaning ready for you to handover to your landlord. This quality service ensures your landlord's security deposit cheque can be returned to you without delay.

Moving In?

Moving home can be a very stressful time with so many details to complete and organise. The HOMEsafe team can make your moving a little easier by delivering your painting and cleaning requirements for your new home. We turn stress into calm...


We coordinate our teams to deliver your painting and move in cleaning in a seamless one-stop process exactly at the time you need it! We will even help you with choosing which paint colours are suitable. Our move in cleaning service has gained a fantastic reputation throughout the city for outstanding quality and attention to detail. Quite simply, our HOMEsafe tagline says it all - 'Your Property, Our Profession".

You are also invited to check out our Annual Maintenance Packages which provide you with an all-encompassing service which includes Air Conditioning maintenance and servicing, electrical and plumbing inspections and pest control treatments.

When you're moving home, HOMEsafe is here to help take care of painting, decorating and cleaning to make your old home ready to hand over and your new home ready to welcome you.

  • English speaking helpdesk

  • Skilled and professional technicians

  • Repair and repaint walls ready to be handed over

  • Interior painting prior to moving in

  • Full cleaning of all rooms, balconies and windows